Guitar lessons that actually work

I've found guitar lessons systems that work well for me. I may not be the best guitarist, but I have a knack for spotting learning material that's structured, focused, and makes you learn. So am I a great guitar play?, No, however I can spot good learning material.

If you've been overwhelmed by the number of books out there on how to play the guitar, look no further. Here is the best guitar lesson book on the planet ,as I mentioned above I can spot good learning material, and this book can't be beat

As a beginner I searched the web high and low for the best free guitar lessons. Now the old saying that nothing worth while is free is usually true, however I found one site that had a pretty good program for beginners. In fact the site is excellently structured and focused. It was put together by Dan Cross, give it a look. As my skills improved I looked for more information, and began buying a lot of books from amazon. I mean a lot of books, hundreds, and I've got to tell you that most of the books are garbage, or are so narrow in scope that they just aren't worth the paper they're printed on.

In this section I'm going to give you the low down on the best learning material I've been able to find. And hopefully save you the time, money, and trouble of sifting through piles of various learning media.

My site is focused on the electric guitar, but if you're a beginner you'll need the basics whether starting on an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar. And for the absolute shredding pro, who'd like to learn some music theory, there's something here for you as well.

Although this topic has been beaten to death on the web, it's so important I'm going to give it a few kicks as well. Guitar tuning is so important that it deserves some mention. Every time you pick up the guitar you must tune it, there is more than one way to skin a cat, and there is more than one way to tune a guitar, check out this link.

For transcribing your favorite songs try the Amazing Slow Downer

Here's some tips I've learned the hard way in this section Guitar Playing Lessons , I'll be adding some more hard knock information, so check back

Proper Guitar Picking techniques are essential for advancing your playing.

If you've been looking for a great DVD on how to play lead guitar Andy Aledort's, "Play Lead Guitar" DVD is a great place to start.

If you're interested in a good book on music theory, that won't put you to sleep, the idiots guide is a must.

A peer of mine is currently building a website about music theory, something that's lacking on my site. The site is Kwik Chord Guitar, and he's adding new content all the time, see what you think.

If you're trying to play a song, and need some one on one help, check out Note For Note ,and see if they have what you're looking for.

I've been a member of Guitar Tricks for my electric guitar learning quest , for eight or nine months now, this site is the best pay site on the web, in my humble opinion.

I've found pitch training very valuable in my quest to learn the electric guitar. I found a great lesson on Pitch Training here!

I was using a metronome to try and increase my speed. It worked ok, but I spent more time fussing with the metronome than playing. I looked on line for guitar lessons, and came across the electric guitar speed trainer software ,I've literally doubled my speed in two months.

If you're interested in playing guitar, Texas blues style, check out Blues Guitar Lessons

For some excellent lessons, and great chords, try Mickey Baker's Jazz Guitar

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