The Best Guitar Lesson Book on the Planet

I realize that saying "this is the best guitar lesson book on the planet" is a pretty bold statement. Especially if I had written the book, which I of course didn't. But I have purchased literally hundreds of books on how to play the guitar, and the Guitar Fretboard Workbook, by Barrett Tagliarino, is the hands down best.

This short, 80 page book, is laser focused, and will teach you the entire fretboard with intense detail. With a sprinkle of music theory along the way you'll learn every note on the fretboard, the five root shapes, the major and minor scales, the major and minor pentatonic scales, intervals, notes, arpeggios, chords, to name a few.

This book is perfect for the beginner. It's perfectly structured so that each following lesson builds on the previous. Mr. Tagliarino not only explains complicated information in an easy to understand format. He understands the learning process, so that you can move through the material as quickly as possible, without forgetting what you've already learned.

Advice like :

----- "practice intensely with no distractions for very short periods of time, and as often as you can. 15 minute practice lessons twice daily are a good place to start"

----- "Do not practice mistakes, go slow enough that you almost never make a mistake"

----- "isolate material into the smallest possible pieces you can learn, and take them one at a time. Do not try and learn two new things at once"

I realize that some of this is common sense, but it's hammered home in this book, which makes you learn. There's much more, I just don't want to get into copyright write problems here.

Finding this book was a treasure for me, and I'm not getting a dime to plug it. It's under eleven bucks at Amazon, buy two.

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