Monster Fender Sustain Blocks

fender sustain blocks

I began making my own Fender sustain blocks for the large stable of Stratocasters that I have. After trying one out for awhile I realized a large mass block makes a tremendous difference in not only the length of sustain, but also the depth, and breadth of the tone.

There are many gizmos you can buy for your guitar, and more often than not they do very little to improve your sound. This is one of those exceptions. I encourage anyone with the tools, and a little bit of skill to make their own sustain block. A drill press a couple of bits and a few taps is all you need. You can buy the 3/4" steel cut for you at any decent steel supply shop. A belt sander is helpful to round and smooth edges and sides.

If you don't want to make one on your own email me and I'd be happy to sell you the standard block for $39.95, or the foot block for $49.95. The standard block weighs in at 9/10's of a pound, and the foot block is 1.15 pounds. I'll need the year, make, and place of manufacture of your Strat. I'll be making some of these for Floyd Rose bridges as well. Thanks for reading, J.B.

UPDATE: I added a page on adjusting, and the number of Guitar Tremolo Springs you should consider using.

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