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The free guitar info or guitar FAQ page is a user driven information page where you ask the questions, and I do my best to answer them. Unlike the "Contact Me" form, which is primarily for comment, this page is specifically designed to answer your questions regarding modifications, builds, amps, etc. that you may have. Just send me an email at, or use the question form below. I'll get back to you, and if your question is useful to others I'll post it along with the answer here on this page. If your question requires a new topic, I'll answer it, and provide a link to that new page here as well. Good luck and thanks for your interest JB

John from Ontario had an Electric Guitar Tuning problem.

Not all Fender tremolo arms are the same, read this before buying a replacement.

Fender discontinued the SCN pickups, and have replaced them with their new Fender N3 noiseless models ,in all 2010 guitars.

Trying to answer a question from Alex about Electric Guitar Humbucker Wiring

Darwin from Edomonton, Alberta, Canada, want's to add an S-1 switch, a tone styler, and three texas special pick-ups at this electric guitar modification page .

A few tips on Guitar Neck Fretwire work ,and Body Finish

I had a discussion with a reader on what makes Good Electric Guitars

I got a question from a reader asking about Stevie Ray Vaughan's tone

Mike had an Electric Guitar Capacitor Question

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