Modify your Electric Guitar Wiring to suit your Tone.

In this section of the site we're going to explore how to do some basic electric guitar wiring. Whether you are building a guitar from scratch, would like to add a mod board, swap guitar pickups or are just simply interested in how your guitar works, this section has something for you.

The electric guitar you will most see on this site is the Fender Stratocaster. It's not that I'm playing favorites, it's just that the strat is what I play the most, and the strat also happens to be one of the most versatile instruments when it comes to modifications. Don't get me wrong, I love my Ibanez, and Epiphone Les Paul too.

Many of the wiring and modification projects you'll see here are conducive to other types of guitars, and we'll be tearing into others, as time goes by. The first thing I'm going to show you is, how to shield a single coil pickup electric guitar.

Trying to answer a question from Alex about Electric Guitar Humbucker Wiring

This is probably one of the easiest, and cheapest improvements you can make.

Have you ever wondered how a Stratocaster five way switch works, or need help wiring one?

Take a look at how electric guitar pickups work.

If you own a tube amp then this section on Tube Amp Biasing is a must.

If you'd like to change the tone of your guitar swapping out your tone pot guitar capacitors might be the way to go.

Have you noticed that your volume control works as a tone control too, here's a way to fix the problem with this Guitar Volume Circuit.

If you're new to soldering, or it's been awhile, a look at my How to Solder page might not be a bad idea.

Don't buy a new set of pickups if you're not happy with the tone of your guitar in certain switch positions. Try a Tone Control Split split first before spending a ton of doe.

Many of the wiring modifications that will be shown in this section require the use of a Mini Toggle Switch. Here's what they are and how they work.

If you're thinking of adding an onboard preamp mod, or just have a worn out jack, consider upgrading to a Switchcraft Jack.

If you're about to attempt a guitar wiring mod, consider a Five way, four pole, rotary switch.

My Ibanez RG450DX was making more noise than it should, after a little wiring cleanup, and ground loop elimination the guitar is much quieter.

I modded up my Epiphone Les Paul, and the first step was to split the Epiphone Pickups.

After splitting the Epiphone pickups I used a five way, four pole switch, and got six new tones on my Les Paul

Try a Neck Pickup Electric Guitar Switch to increase your tonal range.

This may be a stretch for electric guitar wiring, but I've entered the realm of guitar amp building. My first project is a Fender Champ Amp clone. It's one of the best sounding amps I've heard, simple to build, and a rewarding project, check it out.

I invite you to post your favorite electric guitar circuit here. There are literally thousands of ways to wire up an electric guitar, share your electric guitar wiring for others to enjoy.

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