Mini Toggle Switch for Electric Guitar Mods

The electric guitar toggle switch, whether modifying a Telecaster, Les paul, SG, Stratocaster, etc., lends itself perfectly for so many different wiring variations, they are almost limitless.

electric guitar toggle

electric guitar switch

For most of the more complicated guitar modifications, that will be shown in the wiring section, the mini toggle will be central. These switches come in a few different variations. mini toggle

The switchs to the left are referred to as a DPDT, which stands for dual pole dual throw. This means that the switch will control two different circuits, through each pole. And the switch will throw, or switch, in both directions. DPDT switches can come in a few flavors. ON/ON, means the switch will connect the center contacts to the left or right contacts, depending on witch direction the switch is thrown. ON/OFF/ON, works the same way as ON/ON except that there is a center position that disconnects the center contacts from both the left and right contacts

The switch to the above right is refereed to as SPDT, or a single pole double throw switch. It works the same in principle as the DPDT switch, except that it can only control one circuit at a time. My apology for the blurry pictures, by the way. You can find these switches on ebay for cheap money. If you have a choice buy DPDT switches because you can use these as singles. Also be careful when buying, there are boutique switches that do strange things. The ON/OFF/ON DPDT mini toggle switch is probably the most useful. And all mini toggles fit through a 1/4" hole easily drilled in a pickguard or guitar body. Thanks for reading, JB.

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