Electric Guitar Tube Amp Building

My two attempts at building electric guitar tube amps have resulted in two amplifiers that not only provide me with some satisfaction, but are two amps that I use all the time. I certainly can't take credit for the designs, they've been around for a long time, but having an amp that works, makes no noise, and sounds great warrants a little pride.

WARNING:Before I continue I would like to strongly warn all that tube amplifiers have DEADLY voltages that will kill you. Even when unplugged tube amplifier capacitors can still store DEADLY amounts of current. So please take the most amount of care, and learn about saftey before attempting to build or repair a tube amp.

Though I am no electronics expert, I have some background and training in working with electronic components. Additionally, just by doing I've learned a lot of things not to do, and have become somewhat more educated in what it takes to end up with a functioning amp.

My first try at a guitar amp was a Fender Champ Clone that I put in a lexan box. It was supposed to be clear lexan, but after I scratched it several dozen times I gave it a brushed look. Admittedly it's pretty ugly to look at but it sounds fantastic.

My second amp is another single ended design that I got from Weber Speakers . Though I didn't buy a kit from the folks at Weber I purchased all of the transformers, and many of the internal components. They are great to deal with, and many of their parts are cheaper than anywhere else.

I'm going to add pages as topics come up, and as time permits. I'll try and delve into as many areas of guitar tube amp building as I can think of, from cabinet construction, to lead dress, component selection, and choosing a good amp for your needs. Check back often, and as always if you have a question contact me at Guitarinfo145@aol.com thanks, J.B.

I've built two Single Ended Amps so far with interesting results.

The first two amp cabinets I built were out of Lexan , take a look.

Here are some instructions on how to build a Lexan Guitar Amp Enclosure

Ever wonder how Electric Guitar Tubes work?

See how the Guitar Amplifier Output Transformer works, and how it can improve your sound.

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