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Alright so why have a gear guide page, and then an electric guitar parts page as well, isn't that redundant? Well, I was thinking about it, and decided to look at it like this. To me gear is a whole unit by itself, you know like a guitar amp, or guitar effects pedal, or an entire electric guitar for that matter. Where as parts are, you know, parts. guitar pickups, guitar tuners, guitar bridges, guitar nuts, all that stuff.

Plus I figured that this would make navigating around this site all that much easier, and to be brutally honest I needed another navigation button, and was too lazy to think of something original

So there you have it, and there it is. An entire section on parts, that I hope you'll find helpful and informative, if not my deepest apology, well not my deepest but I sure am sorry.

I lined up some Electric Guitar Tremolo Blocks for comparison, including one I made

Are you looking for an awesome set of noiseless pickups take a look at these NeoVin guitar pickups.

I built a blue and gold strat, and added a pickguard I thought was worth mentioning, Check out this Fender Gold Anodized Pickguard it's pretty cool, well at least I think it's cool, you might hate it.

Pickups, pickups, and more pickups, check out this look at some Fender SCN Noiseless Pickups.

Are you having trouble keeping your guitar in tune, check out the Fender roller nut , it could be what you've been looking for.

If I told you you could have four classic amp effects, right in your guitar, would you believe me? I wouldn't either, except here is a Guitar Amp Effects mod you can put right in your guitar.

Guitar amp tubes make a difference in your tone, I put a pair of Sovtek 5881WXT+ power tubes in my Fender Blues Deluxe check out the review,

If your looking for a great guitar body at a great price, check out the B.Hefner Company Guitar Body Review They make some great electric guitar parts.

I've often wondered how a Floyd Rose Bridge works, and what the benefits are. I finally got my chance and bought an Ibanez RG450DX with a licensed Floyd Rose Bridge

If you're looking for an affordable set of pickups that won't let you down, try a set of Fender Tex Mex pups.

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