The Fender Roller Nut Review

The Fender roller nut is a great mod for any electric guitar, with a 1-11/16ths inch nut width. It doesn't even have to be a Fender product, it just has to have the appropriate neck size. I've put these on three guitars that I own with great results. Each guitar had pretty major tuning issues. I tried all kinds of lube from machine oil, to graphite powder. These worked for a time but the tuning problems always came back. On each of the three I removed the string tees, which are always a cause of binding, and hard to hold tuning. For whatever reason this thing stops vibration dead in it's tracks past the nut, even without the tees.

Pretty much any guitar with a tremolo could benefit from one of these. Not only do the strings slip through the nut like greased lightening, they slip back into place keeping the guitar in tune. For forty dollars, plus a little shipping, the roller nut is an inexpensive mod that you will appreciate. I have a full tutorial on how to install a Roller nut right here. Good luck, JB


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