Fender SCN Pickups Review

I built this blue guitar from a pile of parts, and was really struggling with what type of pickups to put in. I was looking at some of the more expensive boutique units like the Seymour Duncans, and some Dimarzios. I'm sure they are fine pickups, but they want some serious coin for these things. So I was poking around ebay, my favorite store, and came across a set of noiseless Fender SCN pickups from the Fender mod shop.

The gentleman selling them had a buy it now for $129.00, with a best offer option. I offered $110.00, and they were mine in like three seconds. I don't know how he responded so fast, maybe it's all computerized, could be magic. At any rate I had the things in a few days, to the door for $116.95. For you guys that like the numbers here are the specs:

----Bridge pickup: 11.6K DC resistance; 3.8 Henries inductance.

----Middle pickup: 6.5K DC resistance; 2.4 Henries inductance.

----Neck pickup: 6.5K DC resistance; 2.4 Henries inductance.

The pickups came complete with a wiring guide, and mounting screws with rubber adjustment sleeves. I had to go to the hardware store to find some gold screws to match my theme, but other than that installing was a no brainier. These are humbucker, stacked pickups, so they are quite deep compared to a regular single coil. The pickup covers are permanent so if you buy a set get them in the color you want

The first thing I did with the guitar plugged in was crank the amp and listen for hum, and other harmonics, these things are silent. The sound is awesome, totally single coil, the bridge position quacks like a duck on steroids. I'm quite pleased with these and would recommend them. Although I'm torn between these, and the NeoVin guitar pickups I just put into another guitar. Either way, both sets are priced right, and sound great, what else matters. Peace JB

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