Mega texas style, NeoVin guitar pickups review.

Have you ever heard of NeoVin guitar pickups before, no, well neither had I. I stumbled across a site, guitarfetish, that sells these. I had purchased some mod boards from them, with good luck, and thought I'd give a set of their pickups a try.

At $89.95, plus shipping for the set, I wasn't expecting much. You can spend that much on one Seymour Duncan pickup alone. I settled on their Mega Texas set, you can buy individual pickups or sets in pure vintage, fat vintage, power rock and overwound, in three different colors.

In the literature it explains that the poles are not magnets, now I've seen this before in pickups, where the magnets are actually bar magnets, that magnetize the poles. However oddly enough I couldn't get a compass read from the poles. The literature mentions some field array jazz, but as far as I know you still need magnetic poles

I'll figure out what's going on with the magnets and get back to you. Not that you care, but this is the kind of stuff that keeps me going. I swapped out a set of Fender Tex Mex pickups that I'm going to use somewhere else. I like the Tex Mex but the noise was killing me. I figure I'll do some crazy wiring with the tex mex on a fixed bridge strat I own.

So I installed the NeoVins, which I forgot to mention are humbuckers, wired them up and put the pickguard back in place.

I plugged the guitar into my Fender Blues Deluxe, and had at it. First, there is no noise whatsoever, you can't even tell the amps on with these things. Second, there awesome, I've got a pair of Fender Samarium Cobalt pickups in another stratocaster, and these things are as good if not better. I kept switching between guitars, and switch positions, and I kept thinking "ninety bucks?". If you need a set of pickups check out the neovin guitar pickups first. You can spend a lot more money, but maybe you don't have to. I'll be buying a set of pure vintage for another project in the near future, get yourself a set too.

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