Four Awesome Guitar Amp Effects, right onboard

If I were to tell you that you could have four awesome guitar amp effects, right in your guitar, would yo believe me? Well you can, along with a low impedance gain that eliminates loss in any signal feed wire.This mod board sold by, guitar fetish, mounts right in the place of one of your tone pots. The mod gives you four classic amp tones, the Vox AC-30, Over driven twin reverb, Marshall Lead, and Mega overdrive

For $32.95, this unit comes complete with a switchcraft jack, nine volt battery connector, and installation instructions. In this installation I also installed an SRV frequency expander, which is sold by guitar fetish as well for $24.95. I've got to be honest, I figured this was a joke. I figured it would make some shitty, static, hum induced horror show overdrive sound, but to my pleasant surprise the thing rocks. The AC30 setting is crunchy and clean, The over driven twin is, crunchy with slightly over driven tube sound, the Marshall lead, well, sounds like a Marshall stack lead, and the mega over drive is insane.

Wiring the thing up is a breeze, and I wouldn't recommend the SRV mod in the same guitar. I thought it would be cool, but it just ended up being redundant. The only downside to this mod is you must find a place for the battery. I've seen them placed under, and/or in between the springs in the tremolo cavity, or in the deeper well under the pickguard. The battery life is supposedly good for several thousand hours. Me being me I hacked out a spot for a battery box. This is pretty easy, and I did it with a hammer, utility knife, and a chisel. It just takes patience. At any rate this guitar amp effects mod is awesome, you'd spend five hundred bucks on pedals to get the same effects. Check it out, JB

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