A Switchcraft Jack is a must for Onboard Guitar Effects

switchcraft jack

Any time I'm going to add an onboard guitar effect, the switchcraft jack is always part of the equation. The switchcraft functions, and looks just like any other 1/4" jack. The only difference is the addition of a third prong, as shown in the picture. The jack allows you two switch a nine volt battery, or any low voltage current, by using a second ground prong. By simply wiring the ground of the battery to the additional ground prong you can turn off any onboard effects by simply unplugging the jack. This eliminates the need for installing an additional switch, that if your like me, would never get turned off, and thus the need for a truck load of batteries.

If you've ever wondered why most effects pedals suggest you unplug the pedal after use, it's because they contain a switchcraft 1/4" jack. So if you need to swap out a worn out jack, put in a switchcraft. They cost about the same, and if you ever decide to put a mod board into your axe, you'll be good to go.

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