Five Way Rotary Super Switch

Not to be confused with the Seymour Duncan Five way Super switch. The rotary switch shown is a five way, four pole switch, that performs in an identical fashion to the Seymour Duncan, strat style switch. As part of my Epiphone Les Paul modification I used one of these, in place of a tone pot, to produce nine unique tones, instead of the standard three.

The function of the switch is relatively simple once you get your head around it. If you refer to the sketch above, note the red tabs. These are the two poles, on each of the two stacked disks. When the switch is in position one, each of the four poles are connected to the green tabs next to the red tab. In position two the red pole tabs are connected to the second green tab, and so on for position three through five. This enables you to switch four different circuits, five different ways each. Thus the four pole, five way super switch denotation.

I bought a dozen of these on ebay for twenty bucks, and they are infinitely versatile. As mentioned, I used this in an Epiphone Les Paul Standard, that left the EPI looking bone stock.

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