Epiphone Les Paul Wiring Modification

epiphone les paul

The diagram above shows a Les Paul wiring modification using a five way, four pole, rotary switch. , in place of the bridge tone pot. I'd like to apologize if the diagram isn't that easy to follow, but I prefer a diagram showing the actual wiring rather than a schematic. If you want to do this mod, and want a bigger diagram, contact me and I'll email it to you. I've shown the five way switch as two disks, representing the upper and lower two poles for clarity.

The use of the five way switch in conjunction with the stock three way switch allowed for six new tones. I had to split the Epiphone pickups. before this mod, which was quite a task, but allowed for the following pickup configurations.

-Inside Bridge pickup

-Outside Bridge pickup

-Inside Neck pickup

-Outside Neck pickup

-Inside Bridge and Neck pickup

-Outside Bridge and Neck pickup

-The three stock tones

The outcome is incredible, the Inside and Outside Bridge pickups sound like a hot, and hotter Strat pup. The Inside and outside pickups combined are somewhere between a Les Paul and a Strat, and are distinctive from one another. The Inside and Outside Neck pickups are similar in tone to a Strat neck pup. I've been playing this for a week now, and it's a blast. I highly recommend this mod, it makes the Epiphone Les Paul so much more versatile.

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