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Good electric guitars come in all shapes, sizes, age and price. I recently had an email discussion with someone who adamantly disagreed with my comparison between Epiphone Les Pauls, and Gibson Les Pauls. My argument is that an Epiphone Les Paul is very close to a Gibson, with finish being the primary distinction, less than function. He vehemently disagreed, and insisted that Gibson Les Pauls play substantially better than Epiphones.

After awhile I decided that neither one of us was right or wrong, we simply differ on how two instruments sound and play, which will always be open to massive subjection. I play Stratocasters for the most part, and some of my favorites are ones I built using inexpensive Mighty Might necks, with Chinese loaded bodies. Does this mean I'm delusional, I don't think so. I own several real Stratocasters that I paid good money for, so I know what the real deal is. It's just that my tastes and playing style allow me to use electric guitars that some might find inferior.

When watching the docu-movie "It might get loud", I identified a lot with Jack White, and his liking of cheap guitars, like Sears issued Silver tones. Does this mean a Silver tone has the quality and finish of a Gibson Les Paul Custom. No, it probably doesn't come close in the views of most players in form or function. But if someone can find a tone, or playability, that they like in a less expensive, or off beat guitar, then to me that's great. That's what music to me is all about. Getting a sound and feel you like, regardless of the name on the guitar or amp. J.B. 3-16-11

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