The Electric Guitar Speed Trainer

I've been using the electric guitar speed trainer for a few months now, and my speed has doubled, literally. I was looking for a software program that was a step above the metronome training I was doing, and I stumbled upon this program.

The guitar speed trainer allows you to set your own profiles for six different pattern types, then you practice drills in single speed training, double speed training, chromatic speed training, scale speed training, pattern speed training, random speed training, and a section on burst speed & special drills. In each of these seven categories, there are a few different drills, and each drill starts you off slow, builds up to a fast pace above your ability, and then brings you back down. You can even enter in, and save your own licks to train on.

It reminds me very much like a treadmill setting for climbing, and descending a hill. And like a treadmill, it's adjustable. You can go to the guitar speed trainer site at, , read about it, and download a free trial version, or click here, and Download Guitar Speed Trainer Trial directly to your computer. For 49.95 (they seem to be running a perpetual special) this is the best guitar software for speed I could find. Don't be shy, give it a try J.B.

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