Free online guitar lessons worth a look

When I first started learning how to play the guitar I started looking for free online guitar lessons. I probably don't have to tell you this, but searching for free lessons brings back huge results, most of which are complete garbage.

However after searching around for a while I found an actual lesson series that proved to be quite good, by a guy named Dan Cross.

In an easy to use eleven lesson set Dan starts out assuming the reader has just picked up the guitar for the first time. He goes through naming each part of the guitar, how to hold it, which fingers are for what, how to hold a pick etc. in Lesson One.

lesson two picks up where lesson one leaves off, with some more chords, names of open strings, strumming patterns, and a few more songs. By the time you reach lesson eleven you've covered quite a bit of ground ending with seventh barre chord shapes, major chord inversions, and more songs to learn.

the information is presented in an easy to understand, structured format that anyone can follow. I highly recommend Dan's tutorial, I still use it for reference myself, and it's a great place to start.

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