A lead guitar lesson by Andy Aledort

There are a zillion Lead Guitar lessons out there, however I stumbled upon Andy Aledort by flipping through cable channels oddly enough. There was an on demand music lesson on how to play the Stevie Ray Vaughan classic, Pride and Joy. Andy Aledort was the teacher, and after watching for a few minutes, I was thoroughly impressed.

Andy has a nice easy way about him, he assumes you know nothing, or very little in a nice way. You know, not to make you think you're a moron. Then teaches you step by step how to play something. I went on line to find out more about him, and stumbled on the Guitar world web site. There you can buy any number of DVD lessons by Andy, who I believe can probably play almost anything, hands tied behind his back. There are also lessons by a whole host of others, I picked the "Play Lead Guitar" DVD which comes along with a free down loadable book so you can follow along

The DVD is logically partitioned to follow along with the book. There is often a screen box showing pick fingering as well as fret fingering. Andy presents the info in a gradual, build upon itself, style that is easy and fun to learn, which is the most important to me.Included in this DVD are three hours of lessons Covering:

----Basic Scales for Soloing

----Phrasing, E minor pentatonic

----The Blues Scale

----Moving up the fretboard with closed scale positions

----Extended scale positions

----String Bending

----Multiple String Bends

----Improvising over Chord progressions

and more, I've purchased two other DVD's by Andy that I'll review here as well later on. Check this DVD out, if you're a beginner or intermediate player this is a no brainier at $14.95. For the pro you might find some things to add to your bag of tricks.

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