Great Electric Guitar Lessons by the folks at Guitar Tricks

Guitar Tricks is a website that offers excellent electric guitar lessons, as well as acoustic guitar lesson. It wasn't until I clicked on my own homepage, and saw a google ad that I remembered to do a little blurb about this site. I've been a member for eight or nine months now, and for $10.95 a month you get full access to some of the best video lessons you will find online.

At Guitar Tricks you can learn at any level, from absolute beginner to shredder. You can learn any genre from country, to blues, classical acoustic, to rock, and hard rock. The instructors are passionate about what they do. You never get the feeling that they're in it for the money. They really love what they do, and they're good. I've been to many pay websites, some which are pretty good, some which are horrible. But this site stands out. The video quality is excellent, the range of genres taught are wide and deep, and the quality of the teachers are par none. The lessons are usually partitioned into graduated steps, are rated for level of player, and most show both the fret hand and the pick hand. You won't find a better site for the money, and to get this quality of instruction would cost you 100 times what you end up paying. Take a look at Guitar Tricks for some excellent guitar lessons, or acoustic guitar lessons as well.

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