A Music Theory lesson by the Idiot's Guide

If you're looking for a music theory lesson you can't do much better than the Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Theory. I own several college textbooks on music theory, that I've picked up over the years. I thought this was probably the best way to learn seeing as how they learn this stuff in college. Well, without my wife poking me with an electric cattle prod I couldn't stay awake to get through five pages of any of the textbooks. Mike Miller's Idiots guide is fun to read, and put in an easy to understand, logical format.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Theory is fully comprehensive with twenty chapters Covering:

----1.Pitches and Clefs



----4.Major and minor keys

----5.Note Values and basic Notation

----6.Time signatures

----7.Tempo,Dynamics, and Navigation



----10.Chord Progressions

----11.Phrases and Form

----12.Transcribing what you hear

----13.Accompanying Melodies

----14.Transposing to Other Keys

----15.Harmony and Counterpoint

----16.Chord Substitution and Turnarounds

----17.Special Notation

----18.Composing and Arranging for Voices and Instruments

----19.Lead Sheets and Scores

----20.Performing Your Music

This book goes well with what I describe as the best guitar lesson book on the planet. In an uncanny way the idiot's guide fills in the gaps on music theory left behind by barrett Tagliarino in the Guitar Fretboard Workbook. Maybe it's not uncanny, and just how music learning progresses.

For under twelve bucks at Amazon this is a book you'll have around forever. Even the ear training CD that comes along is great. If you're a beginner or behind on theory this is the book for you.

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