The Electric Guitar Giveaway Project

This page was for an electric guitar giveaway. I thoroughly enjoy building electric guitars, and seeing that the entire project will be posted on the site, I get the content, and one of you get the guitar. Your information will be used only for notification on progress of this guitar, and the announcement of the winner, you may have your information removed at any time.

This project is of course over and we do have a winner. I've finally got Roger, the winner, to respond with his review of the guitar I built. Click here for his review.

I'm going to leave this page for the Guitar Giveaway up indefinitely. It was a fun thing to do and there may be some information you find useful. You can still sign up if you wish for my irregularly scheduled ezine.

So here's the deal, I'm going to take the parts you see to the left, and turn them into an actual fixed bridge electric guitar. The guitar neck is on the way, it's a Warmoth, angle headstock, compound radius neck, which I've ordered with a rosewood fretboard, and shiny gloss finish on the maple neck.

The guitar body is a swamp ash fixed bridge setup by the B.Hefner Company that I intend to finish in a natural gloss. Unless I'm convinced otherwise, Contact Me with a suggestion if you'd like.

The guitar pickups are a matched set of mini rail humbuckers, there will be one volume control, and two tone pots on a genuine Fender pickguard.Guitar tuners are a set of chrome Wilkinson EZ-Lok, and the guitar bridge is a chrome fixed unit with adjustable saddles.

The project will take about three months to complete, and at that time the winner will be announced. Three months puts the drawing around August 1st, 2009. The winner, whose name will be drawn out of a hat, will be required to write a review of the guitar, good or bad, and it will be posted at the end of the project. I've allotted up to one hundred dollars for shipping, and customs. If you live in Kurdistan, and the shipping's three grand, you're on your own.

To participate enter your information below, when the winner is announced I'll of course need your name and shipping information. You will receive updates monthly on the progress of the guitar. Sign up, you've got nothing to lose, and you might end up with a one of a kind, custom guitar, Good Luck

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UPDATE!! The Warmoth angle headstock electric guitar neck is finally in. It is one of the finest examples of a guitar neck I have seen to date, even rivaling the finish quality of a Gibson. Check the Warmoth Neck out here, and stay posted for future updates.

UPDATE!! I stained the guitar body, check it out here.

UPDATE: Here is the guitar body with stain and fifteen coats of lacquer. The body has been sanded down in steps, with the final sand using 2000 grit paper. I'm in the process of using some light polishing compound, and will soon go to finishing compound and wax. I'm guessing the entire guitar will be completed by the end of next week. Check back for updates. J.B.

The guitar for the guitar giveaway is done, sans knobs, strap holders, and a truss rod bolt cover. Those that are paying attention will notice that the pickups are not the rail pickups I first mentioned, but are actually a set of Fender Custom Shop Texas Specials. I didn't like the rail pickups so I changed them, besides I'm not shipping out something I don't like.

If you're wondering what the black strip is under the tuners, that's an aesthetic cover to hide what happens when an idiot, that would be me, tries to enlarge a tuner hole with a drill bit. I knew it was going to happen, even before I did it. Have you ever done that?

The pictures just don't do justice to the body. The body came out exceptionally well for a guy who doesn't do this for a living. The color is deep, there is a very slight amount of grain showing when looked at at an angle. Whoever ends up with this guitar will have a truly unique instrument.

The drawing is August first, so get a few buddies to sign up. Good Luck.

We have a winner, Roger from Wakefield, England has won the guitar giveaway, Congratulations Roger!!!. There will be a full write up on this guitar so stay tuned.

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