The Warmoth Compound Radius Guitar Neck

After a long anticipated wait the Warmoth, compound radius Electric Guitar Neck is finally here. I've gout to tell you if I was a thief I'd close down this guitar giveaway and keep the neck for myself. The thing is beautiful, and my lousy picture taking ability will not do this neck justice.

As I mentioned on the giveaway page, the neck has an angled headstock. Now this goes against everything vintage fender stratocaster, but as far as playability, nothing beats an angled headstock to keep the strings held tightly into the guitar nut. The finish on the maple part of this electric guitar neck is like glass, I wish I could capture the beauty of this thing with my Kodak digital camera, but whoever ends up wining this electric guitar is going to be psyched.

I tried dry fitting the Warmoth Neck into the body, and it's a little tight. One of the reasons I have not touched the body, is because the neck must fit perfectly into the pocket before the body finish can begin. Which by the way, due to overwhelming demand, the body is going to be a red wine stain color, allowing the grain to show through, with about twelve coats of nitrocellulose lacquer. I'll be chronicling the progress on the site.

In case you were wondering the truss rod adjustment gets a cover, much like any other angled headstock guitar. I'm thinking about getting a different cover with some sort of logo. We'll see, that's part of the fun of building your own guitars, the outcome is totally up to you. I can't wait to get at this thing, I've got the stain coming from Stewart Macdonald, it should be here in the next few days. Keep checking back, there's always something new being added at

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