The Stratocaster Winners Review

After much prodding I finally got the Stratocaster Winners Review from Roger, the actual winner. For those of you who stumbled upon this page I built a fixed bridge stratocaster, and gave it away on my web site. A condition of entering the contest was to provide a review of the guitar.

"I received the guitar Joe built at my home about two weeks after he shipped it. My first impression was I didn't like the black strip underneath the tuners. I realize that Joe admitted to bungling the neck so I knew why it was there, but it's ugly.

The body is beautiful, there was obviously much time put into the finish, and it gleams while showing the beautiful cranberry colored woodgrain. You can see some grain indentations when looking at certain angles, but to me this gives the guitar real character. Lets put it this way, if this were stolen I'd recognize it anywhere. There is no other guitar that looks like it that I've seen.

The neck is of superior quality. Joe of course gets no credit since it was built by Warmoth, he only gets credit for the bungled tuner area, just kidding.

Joe shipped the guitar strung and I must say that once tuned the setup was impeccable. Action just the way I like it, no string buzz whatsoever, smooth slippage through the nut during bends.

Plugged in the guitar is wonderful, true stratocaster sound, no hum, and much more sustain than my tremoloed strats. I have been playing this guitar regularly for months now and it is hard to put down.

All in all a great job, and of course the price was right, FREE!. If not for the error on the neck during construction, a perfect job. Thanks Joe and good luck with your site.


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