Vox AC30 Guitar Headphone Amplifier

The Vox AC30 guitar headphone amplifier is a compact headphone amp that will fit in a guitar case for easy travel. I was going on vacation two years ago, and was really torn on what to do about not interfering with my practice schedule. I was going to bring along my acoustic, which I usually do, but I was really enjoying what I was working on with the electric. I thought about bringing my little Peavy audition amp, but figured that would be a hassle. I had visions of being strip searched because the bone head at the security check would mistake my amp for a bomb.

I didn't have much time so I went down to the local music shop. They had a Rockman by Tom Scholz, the guy from the band Boston. I thought it was kind of bulky, and I really didn't want to spend a hundred bucks. I asked the kid at the counter if he had anything else. As he was telling me the Rockman was it, I noticed the little Vox AC30 hanging on the wall behind him. I pointed at it and said, "hey what's that", with a red face the kid pulled the Vox off the shelf.

Forty bucks later I was out the door, the thing that impressed me is how compact the unit is. With a 1/4" plug you don't need any cords, it plugs right into the guitar. The unit takes two AAA battery, which seem to last almost forever. It has Gain, Volume, and Tone controls, an on/off switch with led, headphone jack, and even an auxiliary jack for a backing track.

I didn't know what to expect plugging the thing in. I was pleasantly surprised. The thing sounds great, and I find that I even use it at home when everyone's asleep. It gets loud enough to give you a headache, and with my new onboard effects mod , it absolutely cranks. If you travel and don't want to miss out on practice, give the Vox AC30 guitar headphone amp a try.

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