A guitar wiring circuit for increasing tone

This guitar wiring circuit is one that I've used on a few of my guitars, and on several guitars owned by friends. It's no rocket science circuit, but it doubles the amount of switch positions, enables tone control of the bridge pickup, and gives you more control over the range of the guitar. This does requires the drilling of your pickguard or guitar body, so make sure you really want to do it, before leaping forward.

To complete this mod you'll need a .01uf, and a .047uf capacitor, one DPDT switch, and one SPDT switch. I wrote a page on switches, so if you don't get the lingo, here's a link. If you only have DPDT switches that's fine, you'll just use one pole, on one of the switches.

I've located the switches up next to the five way switch. They will also fit between the two tone pots as well. What this mod effectively does is give you two different tone ranges, on all five bridge positions. If you need a little more info, look at a Tone Control Split I did, that's similar to this mod. Look at it like this, for about Ten bucks at radio shack, you can double the amount of tone selection on your guitar. Thanks for reading J.B.

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