The Vox Wah Pedal Review

wah pedal

I purchased a Vox Wah Pedal because I'm starting to learn the much covered Jimi Hendix Classic Voodoo Chile. As a relatively new guitarist I have never had, or used a Wah. In fact I thought it was a spring loaded number that could only be used to constantly vary pitch while playing. In fact I've discovered the pedal can be fixed open, closed or in between, and provides a tremendous range of tone, in addition to the classic Wah sound.

In fact another of my guitar hero's, Stevie Ray Vaughan, used two Wahs, one open, one closed, to achieve that monster sustain in the song "Life Without You". So I've got another one on the way. I can't tell you whether this pedal is as good, or better than a crybaby. In fact, it really doesn't matter. Like all things in music, everything is subjective, especially in the guitarist crowd.

If you'd like to play Hendix or SRV, I think owning one of these is essential. It's solidly built, uses standard nine volt DC, and if you don't like it you'll be able to sell it because they're always in demand.


* Input/Output jacks: INST jack, AMP jack

* Power supply: One 9V DC battery 6F22(S-006P

* Power consumption: 540uA @ 9VDC

* Battery life for continuous use: approximately >100 hours with manganese battery (will vary depending on conditions)

* Dimensions: 102(W) x 252(D) x 75(H) (including rubber feet, pedal in lowest position)

The Vox Wah Pedal can be found on ebay, or pretty much any online store, for around $90.00.

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