Telecaster Project

Here's a great Telecaster project story from Jeff M.,Jackson, Ohio:

Well, my first guitar was a free-from-my-uncle Telecaster copy. In 1993 this thing was wore out! Yellow with severe scratches in the paint and all hardware, rust, and the strings just came through the bridge, not the body. Well, being a normal teen I would rather buy the newest, best axe on the market than fix up and old cheapo. Not to mention I didn't know how. My Kasauga Tele copy got sold or lost or gave away as most old guitars do, but about a month ago my sons came back from their great uncles house packing my old Tele! It was pretty much in the same shape it was when I last saw it. (I think the strings were even the same!)

After an evening with some paint remover, I discovered dark wood around the edges and a thin, light colored veneer on top. I was worried about how to make it look professional as I wanted to keep it wood grain.

Against my best judgment, I started to chisel away at the top layer of wood. I discovered beautiful blocks of dark woods arranged parallel, and after a good sanding, I was stoked about how this thing could look!

Well, that's where I am now. Still have to order all the parts (Two Seymour Duncan humbuckers, LSR Roller nut, locking tuners), and finish the topcoat. There will be pics when I get done...

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