Studiocaster Guitar Project

Miles from Denver builds a Studiocaster guitar: This project was a result of wanting a Strat-style body with Gibson characteristics. Also, I was thinking along the lines of a Squire 51 so I thought the Telecaster maple neck would help achieve the tone I was hoping for.

Another reason for building this was, to hear for myself the difference in tone & feel that a more natural finish would provide as far as resonance. Being that I am a wood-worker with a decent stock of tone-woods at hand, I knew the expense of building this would be minimal.

Between the neck and all the hardware I am into this for under $125.00. Not to mention the experience was (and still is) very gratifying. I really feel that the time & energy shaping and sanding the body plus all the assembly and finally setting up the action & intonation, contribute greatly to the overall vibe of the guitar. It plays like a dream and in my opinion, there is nothing like it. I could be a little biased though.

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