Fender S-1 Switch

fender s-1 switch

The Fender S-1 switch is used in some of the American deluxe Stratocasters, some telecasters, and probably a few guitars I'm not aware of. The S-1 is simply a 250K ohm potentiometer combined with a spring loaded push switch that's either in the up or down position.

The S-1 combined with a four pole five way switch allows for five more tone combinations, utilizing pickups in series, as well as a "special capacitor", 0.05uf. The switch is very simple in operation, and could be used for mods in other guitars. Keep in mind that Fender uses humbucker, 3 wire, pickups in their S-1 guitars. You could get away with vintage, two wire pickups, but the ground would float, and could cause some unwanted noise.

When the switch is in the up position pins 1-2,4-5,7-8, and 10-11 are connected. When the switch is in the down position pins 2-3,5-6,8-9, and 11-12 are connected. For more information here's a SSS American Deluxe Stratocaster detail sheet. The S-1 is readily available on ebay for under 20 bucks. Good luck J.B.

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