Roland Cube 20x guitar amplifier review

roland cube 20x, roland cube, roland amplifier, guitar amplifier


The Roland Cube 20x is a small, lightweight, easy to carry, guitar amplifier. At around 14"x14"x7" it's compact enough to bring anywhere. In addition to being compact, it's jam packed with features. The eight inch speaker is by no means as full as a twelve or fifteen, but it's amazingly robust for it's size. At twenty watts the amp has plenty of power to drive the neighbors crazy, and with the power squeezer you can maintain tone, while keeping the cops away.


The amp features two channels, clean and lead. The clean side is just that, with volume, bass, middle, and treble controls, as well as a chorus/ flanger/phaser/tremolo knob, and a delay/reverb knob. The lead side has six modeling selections from acoustic to metal to tube drive. There is of course a gain and master volume control, and the effects, and equalizer described above. The amp features an on board tuner, and a power squeezer button that's great for playing quiet, while retaining the tone and sustain of higher volume levels p


The cabinet is sturdily constructed with a tough, black alligator skin like vinyl covering. There are corner protectors on each corner, and rubber feet for vibration isolation, and to protect your surface. The speaker grill is metal and tough.

roland cube 20x, roland cube, roland amplifier, guitar amplifier

Functions/Ease of use:

The owner’s manual for this thing is great. Although everything is pretty self explanatory. The amp is real easy to use. I'm really impressed with how well the effects work, as well as the six amp models

Overall the amp sounds great, especially if you consider it's solid state, and sounding through an eight inch speaker. It's no tube amp mind you, but it's not pretending to be.


This is a great amp for the price, which is about $165.00, shipped to your door, as of my last ebay check. You can play anything on this amp, and the volume you can achieve will surprise you. The features all work well, and as intended. I highly recommend the Roland Cube 20x. I might get rid of my line 6 spider valve someday, but I'll have this amp forever.

roland cube 20x, roland cube, roland amplifier, guitar amplifier

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