To Rebuild Guitar Gear?

I got a question whether to rebuild guitar gear from a guy in Oklahoma that spawned this post.

The question was: Currently my gear is quite simple: PRS SE Tremonti Jet City Picovalve 2 x 10 Pine Cabinet Good Stuff-Asian Made but not great These heads are generally rated as better sounding with single coils vs. humbuckers but, I don't have nor do I want to sink a ton of cash in rebuild a $500 guitar. I am considering changing the output tube on the picovalve but, why can't stuff just sound good out of the box? Question: Since I'm getting a worse sound out of my tube amp than my Solid State amp would it benefit me to upgrade the "Duncan Designed" pickups or maybe upgrade all the guts of the guitar?(guts meaning wiring, pots, pickups, switches, output jack).

My short answer was absolutely not. Don't try and make things sound like they were not supposed to. Unless of course you're in it for the adventure and fun, then by all means, tear it all apart and see what you get.

I've got a nice Fender Deluxe Reverb clone amp that I built awhile ago, and I was trying to get it to sound Marshall dirty. Playing through my mainstay stratocaster, I changed the output transformer, several tube selection, with a host of bias settings. No matter what I did, it was no Marshall.

The point is if you're trying to get a sound out of a setup that was never supposed to be, you'll probably never get is. And in the long run you'll spend more money. I ended up buying a Marshall, and it sounds a lot like a Marshall. Who would have thunk. J.B.

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