Mighty Mite Guitar Necks

On top of being a guitaraholic, I'm an ebay junkie, and a Mighty Mite guitar neck collector. I'm the guy that goes into Walmart looking for a pair of fingernail clippers, and walks out with three hundred dollars worth of useless crap.

Ebay has been a real problem for me, not only is it way too convenient, it plays into that gambling gene with the bidding stuff. At any rate one of the things I've bought a lot of are Mighty Mite guitar necks. They are amazingly cheap, fit into the neck pocket of a strat, or strat clone, like a glove, and come in many flavors.

The three you see above(the fourth is a real stratocater neck) are destined for down the road projects. The neck at the bottom, that looks a little banged up at the first few frets. I'm attempting to turn that into a yngwie malmsteen type, scalloped fretboard neck. It's looking more like firewood now, but we'll see. You can get necks from Mighty Mite with small frets to Jumbo frets. Wood types vary from rock maple, to birdseye maple, to rock maple with a rosewood finger board. Headstocks are avaiable in vintage and oversized, and you can get 21 frets or 22 frets.

The quality from what I can see is right up there with the fender necks. The finish is not as nice however, which is probably one of the reasons they are so inexpensive. But with some minwax gloss furniture wax, an afternoon, and a case of beer, you can end up with a nice buzz, and a shiny neck. If you're building a guitar from scratch, or replacing a neck, consider a Mighty Mite neck. I've yet to be disappointed, you can buy ten of these for the price of one boutique neck, Thanks for reading JB.

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