59 Les Paul reissue

Guitar Joe's review of a 59 Les Paul Reissue: I've been a fan of Les Paul’s since seeing Jimmy Page play one in The Song Remains The Same (midnight movies-remember those). It was the Holy Grail for me personally. I came close, purchasing a used Les Paul Custom in 1980. But the guitar was not really what I thought it would be-tone wise. Many amps and pedals later, I realized it was a tone dog. I really never found a Les Paul I could love, until now.

I purchased this current Les Paul and have to give Gibson credit-they nailed it with these reissue guitars (I now have two). The larger necks are very comfortable and the aluminum tailpiece paired with the reissue ABR bridge really transfers the string vibration to the body nicely. The guitar sounds very good unplugged, and the strings ring with I sustain I have not known previously.

I play all types of music-blues, rock, rockabilly, folk etc. and I have more guitars than I deserve. I could not be happier with this instrument. It is finished, and set up perfectly, out of the box. I highly recommend these professional level instruments, they are expensive, but professionally crafted instruments always are.

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