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Hi, and welcome to Electric Guitar Info. My name is Joe and I began this site to share what I've learned on my journey to become a better player. I began playing much later in life than most, after hearing the Stevie Ray Vaughan version of little wing. I have always been into music, so I don't know how I missed SRV, but ever since that first listen I've been obsessed in learning to emulate his sound. I can't describe what happened, but something clicked and I play everyday for several hours.

I'm guessing it may take me a life time and a half to play like Stevie Ray, but I discovered that learning to play is a much more comprehensive process than picking up a box of wood with six strings on it. The variations of electric guitars, amplifiers, and related gear seems to be infinite. After many years of playing I've discovered two things, I own more Stratocasters, gear and amplifiers than I'll ever use, and most of the information on the internet is garbage. If you've been looking, you know, but there is more wrong information than right.

My goal on this site is to provide building, modification, and learning information that is accurate, and that the average person can use. I have a background in electrical engineering, and have been a general contractor for many years. The point is I can work with electronics, and can make things out of wood. I'm not afraid to take a $3,000.00 Les Paul, or amp apart and modify it. Most importantly I'm not going to provide information on things I haven't done, or lesson programs I have not used.

Though I'm confident in the things I have done, I really enjoy hearing from others. It provides me with new ideas, and often inspiration. If you have some gear you'd like to talk about, a favorite artist who inspired you, or a building or modification project I'd appreciate hearing from you. If it's something I can use I'll post it on the site, without any of your personal information of course.

If you're a wanna be guitar player and stumble upon this site here's a little inspiration for you. "T-Model Ford" started playing the guitar at 58 years old, and recorded his first album at 75. He's still playing today, unless of course he's died before I can update the page. It's never too late to learn something. My philosophy is that the day you stop learning, is the day you stop living. If you have something to share, send me an email GuitarInfo145@aol.com. Most of all have fun here, and I hope you find something you can use to improve your sound, and your playing. Good Luck JB

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If you have any questions regarding electric guitar modifications, building, setup, amplifiers, etc. send me an email .....Guitarinfo145@aol.com..... All questions are appreciated, and often lead to new ideas for additional content. I do my best to get back as soon as possible, Thanks, J.B.