Ibanez tube screamer TS-9

tube screamer


The Ibanez Tube screamer has come in many variations over the years, such as the TS-7, TS-808, TS-9, and TS-10. This pedal is highly regarded by blues players, like my wannabe self, and was made famous by the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughan. The TS-9, and TS-808 are the most collectible, if you're into that sort of thing,but my understanding is that the models are all similar in tone, so if you can get one, don't sweat the model.


The pedal has a very standard layout with level, tone, and drive adjustments, a foot switch of course, input and output jacks, an LED light to let you know when it's powered up. You can choose between battery power, or plugging in with a typical 9 volt DC power source.

Functions/Ease of use:

There's not much to this pedal, simply adjust the tone, level, and drive to your desired liking and play. Always unplug the input jack from your guitar when on battery power, or you'll kill the battery. Battery change is a breeze a snap open/close battery compartment on the back.


What can I say, I love this pedal, I use it more than any pedal I own. If I had to sum up the Ibanez tube screamer TS-9 in one word: clean. Not only is it clean, but it adds zero hum to the signal path. Daisy chained to a compressor, you can sustain bluesy bends indefinitely. You can get one of these pedals for under a hundred bucks if you time it right on ebay. I highly recommend owning one of these. I had a Boss BD-2 Blues pedal before the tube screamer, and there is simply no comparison.

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