The Ibanez AS73 Artcore Review

ibanez as73

I purchased this Ibanez AS73 on ebay for $200.00 plus 30 bucks to get it to the door. It has a nonstructural crack in the back of the neck that was filled by a guitar shop. I even have the receipt to prove it.

This is my first hollow body electric so I didn't know what to expect. Well that's a lie, I new it would have to be a little bassier than a solid body, and that's definitely true. The pickups, tone and volume controls, and three way switch are set up in an identical fashion to a Les Paul. I've got to say I am pleasantly surprised with this guitar, the sound is as follows.

Neck Pickup: The neck pickup is rich, warm and buttery. It has plenty of mids like a humbucker should, with a big bottom end and nice smooth, buttery highs. It's just the sound I was looking for in a neck pup. When I say buttery I'm not talking muddy, maybe just warm buttery mud.

Bridge Pickup: I thought that the bridge pup was a little too twangy. Then I rolled the tone pot down to 6 and it sweetened right up. The tone pot allows you plenty of scope to produce all kinds of tones.

Middle Position: These pickups are nicely balanced and the middle position produces a sound that you can play all day.

Overall: This is a unique guitar. It of course does not sound like a strat, due to the humbuckers. But it is much smoother and cleaner than my Epiphone Les Paul. Quality of the guitar is awesome. The finish is something I would expect to pay much more money for. Well except for the cracked headstock. I see these on ebay all the time, and new on the online guitar stores for around $400.00. The body is much smaller than a Gibson ES355 which make playing easier. If you're in the market for a hollow body, check out the Ibanez AS73 Artcore.

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