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Nicole from Indiana had the following Guitar Upgrade question.

Hi, i am nicole, 14 years old and have been plaing guitar for about 8 months. My guitar was about 150 and my amp a little over that. I do not know much about guitar/amp brands and was wondering if you could tell me what guitars/amps have the best quality? also when is the appropriate time to update my guitar/amps. Im just curious. Thanks! first of all, there is no hurry to upgrade your gear unless you are at point in your playing where you desire a different tone. Or you feel you're going to continue playing and would like a better quality guitar.

As you progress it's easy to fall into the gear trap. Realizing you're only 14, you probably don't have the funding to buy a lot of expensive gear. Your $150.00 guitar probably isn't bad quality so if you need to choose between a new guitar or an amp, go for a better amp. Tubes are great, but solid state works, and has almost no maintenance needs.

Guitars are as diverse as amps, look at what the people who play the type of music you like. If you're a Clapton fan, a strat is going to be the guitar for you. If you like BB King, something with Humbuckers makes a lot of sense.

There is an endless amount of guitars, and amp upgrade options, at all different price points. It's really up to you, and the music you like, to determine what you should buy. Hope this helps. JB

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