Guitar Nut Lubricant

guitar nut lubricant

I'm a huge fan of roller nuts because it's been hard to find a good guitar nut lubricant. I play blues rock guitar, and I'm constantly bending strings. This type of guitar playing requires a lot of movement of the strings through the nut.

I, like most of you, have tried numerous lubricants, pencil lead, 3in1 oil etc. The lead works well but is ugly, and the oil collects dirt and dust like crazy. I was spraying the door hinges on my car about a month ago, with some spray silicone lubricant. If you haven't used it spay silicone dries to the touch, but leaves a film that is ultra slick.

I've got one guitar in particular that constantly gets held up in the nut. I taped off up the neck and down the headstock. Loosened the strings and pulled them out of the nut slots, and sprayed a thick layer of silicone spray.

After about two hours I tightened the strings and gave it a try. No more problems, the strings bended and returned to tune like it was legal. And the treatment seems to last cause I just played the guitar today, and it was smooth as silk. Give it a try, it's a three dollar risk.

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