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fender telecaster, telecaster

The Fender Telecaster, also known as the Tele, is a dual-pickup, solid-body electric guitar made by Fender. It's simple, yet wonderful design, and revolutionary tone, broke ground and set trends in the fields of electric guitar manufacture. The Telecaster is still the guitar of choice for many artists. Introduced for national distribution as the Broadcaster in the fall of 1950, it was the first guitar of its kind to be produced on a substantial scale. Its commercial production can be traced as far back as the spring of 1950, when the single- and dual-pickup Esquire models were first sold. From that time to the present, the Telecaster has been in continuous production in one form or another, making it the world's senior solid-body electric guitar

I purchased this yellow 2001 Tele from a guy who really needed the money. I felt bad buying it because he really didn't want to sell it. I gave him full asking price, $550.00, and off I went.

I like the yellow finish on the guitar, with the maple neck and fretboard. I also love the rolled edges on the fretboard, and the satin finished frets. The guitar came factory with Schaller tuning heads that hardly ever need adjusting. They hold tune excellent.

I am really impressed with Fender's Delta Tone Pickup system on this guitar. It uses a setting on the Tone pot to bypass the tone and boost the low end frequency, which allows you to use the tone controls on your amp instead. It really makes the pickups pack a punch.

Fender Telecasters are great guitars. They hold a special place in music history, as well as their value. Every guitarist should have a Telecaster in their collection, especially an American made Telecasters. I shopped around and tried out a few MIM Teles and a few Squier Teles, and they seem a little lacking in quality, playability, and overall performance. Do yourself a favor and go for the American-Made Telecaster. You don't have to buy new, the beauty of the Tele is they remain pretty much unchanged for several years at a time.

fender telecaster, telecaster

I don't play the Tele as often as I'd like, it's a little bright for me. I guess I'm just a Strat guy at heart. But I think I'll keep this one around, maybe give it to my kid someday. If you're looking for a guitar with great tone, try the Fender Telecaster.

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