The MT-1000 Fender Guitar Tuner /Metronome Review

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MT-1000 Fender Guitar Tuner.

Although I haven't officially counted, I've purchased no less than fifteen electric guitar tuners. If you've taken a look on ebay, or any music store online, you know these thing come in all shapes and sizes, and range in price from a few bucks, to several hundred dollars.

My favorite tuner, by a mile, is the Fender MT-1000. If you can find one, they are about fifty dollars, give or take. Of course I can't find one on Musicians Friend, or ebay.

The tuner features a large, easy to read, digital display. There is both a 1/4" jack to plug into and a microphone to tune acoustics. The unit has a built in metronome, with beat counter, and a signal generator for pitch tuning, or what ever you'd like. It takes one nine volt battery, and a nine volt jack if you have an adapter.

The construction is solid, I've dropped the thing on my tile floor without damage. It'll take a beating, and I've spilled a full beer on it. After a little rinse, and some dry out time it was good to go. The unit will fit nicely in your guitar case or gig bag

The thing that I like the best about this tuner, is that it's not crazy sensitive like so many of the others. Some of the analog tuners I own make it almost impossible to get perfect tune. What I should say is that perfect tune is probably impossible, but real close is what most of us get, and this tuner get's you real close. I keep several guitars in different state of tune, like my SRV setup that's tuned down a half step. This tuner makes alternate tuning a snap, it reads sharp or flat on the display. Some of the analog tuners I have go haywire with alternate tuning.

Overall I recommend this tuner, the metronome works great, although I prefer grandmas vintage wind up over the electric. For the money the MT1000 Fender guitar tuner is a nice, easy to use tuner, that will hold up for years. Especially recommended for the sloppy beer drinker, JB.

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