The SD-1 Boss Effects Pedal

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The Super Overdrive, SD-1 Boss effects Pedal is one of the most widely used pedals around. I've owned this pedal for quite some time. Boss has been making this pedal forever, it's the every mans pedal, nothing boutique about it.


The pedal has level, tone, and drive adjustments, a foot switch of course, input and output jacks, an LED light to let you know when it's powered up. You can choose between battery power, or plugging in with a typical 9 volt DC power source.


The pedal is built like a tank. I've dropped the thing, stomped on it, dropped it into a few puddles. The pedal is virtually indestructible, and the paint holds up great as well

Functions/Ease of use:

There's not much to this pedal, simply adjust the tone, level, and drive to your desired liking and play. Always unplug the input jack from your guitar when on battery power, or you'll kill the battery. Battery change is a breeze with one thumbscrew. This pedal is highly modifiable, you can find all sorts of op amp chips and upgrades for it. I haven't really explored any of this but it's worth noting


This boss effects pedal is OK, especially for the money. I've seen these sell for fifteen bucks on ebay at times. I don't use it very often because it tends to have a lot of noise, and I don't really care for the tone. If you're a loud metal kind of person, you could have some real fun, and for the money you really can't lose.

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