Deoxit D5 Amp Contact Cleaner

I own a lot of guitars and amplifiers and a good amp contact cleaner is a must. There's nothing worse than turning on an amp, or picking up a guitar, you haven't used in a while, and having the volume and other controls scratch when you turn them. Most of the time you can turn the amp or guitar off, and quickly turn the control back and forth a few times, and reset the contacts. But the problem will return, and the contact will never be as good as new.

Deoxit D5 dissolves corrosion, flushes out contaminants, and protects the freshly clean contact surfaces from re-corroding. I've used it on my Fender Deluxe Reverb, and the results are great. The controls are quiet, operate smoothly and after two months of no use, made no scratchy noise. Just remember to unplug all electronics before use, and be careful of all amplifiers, especially tube amps, which can have deadly voltages in the circuit even when unplugged. Be sure to let everything dry before turning back on.

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