Alnico Guitar Speaker

I bought a Jensen P12Q alnico guitar speaker after reading how warm the tone was. I've been playing primarily through JBL E130, D130, and E120 speakers. Although these speakers are magnificent at accurate reproduction, extremely high volume, and almost limitless power handling, they are not great for practicing at low volume.

As someone who loves loud music my first instinct when I started to play the guitar was to get he highest powered amps, with the most efficient speakers possible. As my learning has progressed I've discovered that lower powered amps, with less efficient speakers allow for reasonable volumes with excellent tube break up.

Since then I've bought a few alnico speakers, such as the two ten inchers shown, and have built cabinets for them with great results. Alnico speakers tend to be less efficient, have more compression, and sound warmer than their ferrite ceramic counterparts. This bodes well for practice level volumes that are tolerable, with tube distortion, and sustain, that we all seem to love.

You don't have to spend huge money for good alnico speakers. I bought the pair shown for $40.00 including shipping. They were widely used in older organs, high-fi systems, and tv's, and are easily spotted with their U shaped magnet structure. For more info check out this Q&A at Weber Speakers

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