Ibanez sound to Gibson sound

by Miles Kurtz
(Long Island, NY)

Ibanez AG-75 Stock Photo

Ibanez AG-75 Stock Photo

I had recently purchased an Ibanez AG-75 for about 500 dollars, it is a hollow-body. I really wanted that Gibson sound, but could not afford an es-335 (my dream guitar). So as I am leaving the studio I see a "vintage" Les Paul, really crappy. The neck was snapped, the body was torn apart and the finish was worn out, there were no tuners. So instead of fixing up the Les Paul (which I'm sure you can do!) I decided to hijack the pickups from it, Gibson 59 plus pickups, and put them on my Ibanez. Whoever had that guitar switched the pickups at some point and must have forgotten about them. Besides the pickups, I put some newspapers inside the guitar to dampen the sound and make it sound like a Gibson, a great jazzy sound. It isn't a full project, but it sounds cool. I am hoping to build a guitar in the near future, so I will tell you how that goes. Webmaster Note: Cool story Miles, I hope it works out for you.

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