Fireplant Guitars

by Justin Moreau
(Stockton, CA )

Fireplant Guitars: Natural Finish with Fireplant

Fireplant Guitars: Natural Finish with Fireplant "Leaf" icon on the 12th fret.

We've started our own brand of electric guitars: Fireplant Guitars.

Fireplant Guitars are geared toward rock, metal and a touch of guitar-driven blues. A friend of mine phrased our guitars best by saying, It looks like a Les Paul and a BC Rich F'd each other and had beautiful, but kinda mean-lookin' children together!" They'll be available in all kinds of finishes, colors and can be ordered with your choice of active or passive humbuckers.

Our first Fireplant Guitars endorsee is Anthony Gamez, lead guitarist of Sound of War ( out of Stockton, CA. Dude is RIDICULOUS! They're not famous yet, but they will be.

Other notes: is being built as we speak (there's a temporary order form on the home page now while the actual site is being designed). is a consignment shop in Stockton, CA that will be carrying our guitars. Go there and click on "New In Stock" to see pictures of our Fireplant Guitars during the building process.

You can also follow us on twitter (fireplantguitar).

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Dec 03, 2009
Re: Fireplant Guitars Info
by: Justin of Fireplant Guitars

Thanks for the kind words... and SPREAD those kind words, please!

Yes we do have more info:


Also, we just donated a Fireplant Guitar to "LAYN Rocks!" featuring Slash, Ozzy, Dave Navarro, Travis Barker, Billy Idol, Chester Bennington and more on November 22nd. Our guitar sold IMMEDIATELY in the VIP Room's silent auction at the world-famous Avalon Hollywood. Slash, Ozzy, Dave, Billy and EVERYONE who performed signed the guitar - we even made a custom acrylic-topped case for the event that the buyer got to keep (looked PIMP!). Our guitar and custom case sold immediately for the buy-it-now price of $3,000!

LAYN (Los Angeles Youth Network) is a charitable organization that helps keep LA's homeless kids (12-17) off the streets, in safe facilities, group homes, foster homes, helps with homework, medical care, or just support. They're a great organization. In fact, if you mention LAYN when you order a guitar from us, we'll donate 10% of your purchase price to LAYN or the charity/non-profit of your choice.

You can also follow us on Twitter (fireplantguitar) and

Spread the word and let us know if you want one on this upcoming bulk order - FREE SHIPPING if you get in on time.


Justin Moreau
Fireplant Guitars

Sep 15, 2009
Nice looking guitar
by: Anonymous

This is a beautiful guitar.
Do you guys have a website we can see your models and more detailed specifications?

Good luck with your company and new line of guitars.

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