The Crate V5 Amplifier

crate v5 amp

The Crate V5 amplifier is one of the best bargains I've ever found. I was poking around ebay looking at tube amplifiers and I came across a new Crate V5 amp with a $120.00 buy it now price.(In fact there's one listed now for the same money) I looked up the Crate web site and read the owners manual and figured "what the heck, if it works it's worth $120.00."

I bought it and received the amp about a week later, I was surprised at how solid it was for a cheap amp, but the real surprise was the sound. Through a cheap 10" speaker there came some nice tone, and one of the things I now realize is that you can turn up a 5 watt amp volume control quite high, without ear splitting volume. Getting nice sustain and tube breakup, without waking up the neighborhood.

If your in the market for a cheap tube amp consider this Crate model. The great thing about this amp is that it comes with a ten inch speaker. Which if you don't know is a widely available size for guitar amps. Also it has two tubes, which is a plus when it comes time for tube replacement. Here's the specs

5 watts RMSSingle-ended, Class A1 x 10" speaker,1 x EL84 output tube,Volume and tone controls

V5 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSOutput Power Rating 5 W rms @ 5% THD, 8 ohm load, 120 VACInput Impedance 700 kohmsSignal-to-Noise Ratio 42 dB, TypicalGain 58 dB, all controls @ 10Tone ±30 dB @ 10 kHzSpeaker Specs 1 x 10", 5 W, 8 ohm, ceramic magnetPreamp Tubes (1) 12AX7APower Tubes (1) EL84Power Requirements 90-132 VAC, 60 Hz, 30 watts220-240 VAC, 50 Hz, 30 wattsSize (H x W x D) 13.75 in/34.9 cm x 14.25 in/36.2 cm x8.11 in/20.6 cmWeight 19.2 lb/8.7 kg

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