Welcome to the Electric Guitar Store

I've started the Electric Guitar Store for accessories, to provide the users of my site easy access to accessories they might need. Though I have not tested, or owned, everything sold in the store, I've used, and am confident in the brand names sold here. If you'd like, you can return to the Electric Guitar Info Homepage anytime.

If you purchase something, and are dissatisfied you can return it for a full refund. Poke around a bit and have some fun, please don't hesitate to shop ebay, and other online stores as well before buying. I've purchased many things from Amazon, and their prices are hard to beat, but that doesn't mean someone isn't running a special elsewhere. Thanks for looking, J.B.

If you're a beginner, or even an advanced guitarist, check out the Electric Guitar Info:Guitar Store , there's literally hundreds of entry level guitars, and even some for the advanced player, take a look.

If you're looking for a book on lessons, music, guitar building, wiring, and much more, go to The Guitar Book Store , and see if there's something you like.

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