Dear Folks,

After an exhausting drawing process, which involved printing out the email list, cutting it up into individual emails, putting it into a hat, and picking one, there is a winner. I would have posted the winner yesterday, but I didn't want to publish someones email address.

I contacted the winner, who is Roger from Wakefield, England, via email. Sorry Yanks but a Brit got the Axe. I just hope I can mail the thing for less than 100 bucks.

To all those who participated, thank you. You can have your email address removed if you'd like. I will be announcing another giveaway soon, I've got a hankering for something humbucker.

There will be a full write up on this guitar by me, and by Roger, when he gets it. I can only say, with the utmost humbleness, that but for a few flaws, the guitar came out great. And after playing it for two weeks strait it sounds awesome. Thanks again for getting involved.

Joe Brennan